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Road Trip Itinerary Through Victoria, Australia

It'll be very difficult not to fall in love with the country of Victoria, Australia between the beaches, the cities, and the people! There are so many amazing attributes to this country that even a week is not enough to time but you'll find that there is a variety of activities and sights to see whether you're a beach, city, sport, or food lover!

Although my 5 day trip to the area was short, it was possible to fit in ALMOST everything I wanted to see!

Here is a 7 day itinerary for you if you find yourself in the area!

Day 1 - Explore downtown Melbourne

This is one of my top cities to visit due to it's liveliness culture, great food, and with an abundance of activities to do. The sheer amount of restaurants and coffee shops is overwhelming enough so make sure you visit on an empty and ambitious stomach!

Check back soon for a post on the city and learn about some things to add to your itinerary! (Sign up for new blog posts at the bottom). Depending on where you stay, alot will be within walking distance but it can be quite a trek. Take advantage of the public transportation and Uber/Lyft if you're limited on time.

Day 2 - Visit the wildlife and penguins at Phillip Island

If you like making furry friends of all sizes, head to Phillip Island next! Wake up refreshed and take the 2 1/2 hr drive down to Philip Island Wildlife park where you can see many animals native to the country and even feed and pet some of them in this sanctuary!

After you're finished, head to the Penguin exhibit to see the tiny creatures waddle up to shore. Get there around 5 for a good seat but don't stay down at the beach too long, you'll be able to see the penguins up close as you walk back to the docks. You won't have a direct view of the sunset but the colors are absolutely beautiful reflecting on the ocean. Bring a jacket or small blanket because it will get a little chilly.

Note- you will NOT be allowed to take any pictures or videos of the penguins so just enjoy the moment for you :)

Stay the night at one of the small towns in the Mornington Penninsula to get an early start to the next morning. Be sure to leave enough time to grab a bite to eat at any one of the many coffee/bakery shops but my favorites were Buckley's Chance and Merchant & Maker.

Day 3 - Drive Great Ocean Road

Head to Salento to take take the ferry service from Sorrento to Queenscliff which will lead you right to Great Ocean Road!

This drive will be better than others depending on when you visit, there's a good chance of cloudy weather but don't let that deter your trip. There are many points along the road to stop and take pictures so be sure to charge your camera batteries!

Take your time and enjoy the fun, small towns like Torquay, Lorne, Apollo Bay, Marengo and more along your drive.

Check out this site for details on all the towns along Great Ocean Road to fine that one perfect for your trip.

-Visit a winery and chocolate factory

One thing Australians know is how to make good wine and chocolate! There are plenty of wineries to visit on your own (remember to drive responsibly if you choose to) otherwise there are many tour options starting from Melbourne that will provide transportation to a group of wineries. You'll find quite a few chocolate shops along the way as well that also offer tours and chocolate making experiences!

-Stop by Bells Beach to catch some waves

Located along the Great Ocean Road, this beach is world renowned for its surf waves. Great place to stop along your trip and check out the vantage points for some great pictures or watch some surfers riding the waves. Check for any surf competitions during your trip as those can be exciting to watch! I ended up stopping to take pictures without knowing there was a competition going on so if you look close in the pictures you'll see some surfers in the water!

Day 6 - Check out the 12 Apostles

One of Australia's wonders, visit the 8 limestone pillars that were once connected to the mainland before being chipped away by harsh erosion. From Melbourne this is either a 3 1/2 hour drive on the inland route or 4 1/2 hours along the Great Ocean Road. It's a great day trip to make or extend it into the night and stay at a beach town along the road.

Day 7 - Attend a Footy game!

Drive back to Melbourne, relax for the day, and attend a Footy game in the evening!

This is officially my new favorite sport due to it's fast paced nature, high-contact rules, and the sheer excitement on the field and in the stands that is hard to pass up. It shares similarities to American football but don't confuse the two, Footy is quite different! Check out a quick overview of the game here before your trip!

There is an incredible amount of places to visit, foods to try, and experiences to have in Victoria, Aus. 7 days can give you the highlights on your trip but everything is farther away than you expect so be sure to account for driving times once you get outside Melbourne.

Written with love from Melbourne airport,


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