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Health/Wellness Getaway - The Retreat Costa Rica

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

A little R&R never hurt nobody and this year I experienced my first real heath/wellness getaway at The Retreat Costa Rica in Alajuela.

Endless views from the pool

I can confidently (and unfortunately) say that 97% of my trips have been fast paced, fit as much as possible in, constantly on-the-go types of trips. Although I quench my wanderlust thirst, I take easily 5000 photos, and create great memories, I am left absolutely exhausted by the end then it's right back to the corporate grind.

I had always thought that the health/wellness types of trips or even the resort life was a waste of precious vacation days; trips should be spent exploring and adventuring! To say that I was pleasantly surprised about this trip would be an understatement and I finally understand the importance of giving yourself a trip that focuses on your mental, physical, and emotional health.

Overwhelmed with Peace

Upon arriving to The Retreat Costa Rica in Alajuela (which is a ~45 min drive west of San Jose), I immediately felt a sense of zen. It's located in the valley away from all city noises and major roads so the view are endless and your ears are filled with a peaceful quiet.

The views are even better when we were relaxing in the pool and hot tub just a few steps outside our Casita. We were spoiled with a large and private "mini-house" with a large balcony all to ourselves. The room was open and the double doors to the outside brought in a wonderful morning and evening breeze. Every night I sat on the balcony swing and enjoyed the clear night sky filled with bright stars. Because it's a relatively smaller retreat, there are only a few casitas to stay in so it was a very intimate stay.

Freshest Food on the Farm

I cannot say enough about the fresh food provided at The Retreat! I have never intentionally ate vegan or gluten free food but after a few days of consistently healthy and still AMAZING tasting food, I could already feel my body was cleansing itself of all the bad foods I typically put in it. Their farm to fork practice made me feel so great by the time I left than I've incorporated some of the easier recipes into my diet and I am more conscious of the foods I eat because of the way my body felt while eating at The Retreat Costa Rica. There was an open concept kitchen and the staff encouraged us to watch and interact with the chefs to understand the meals and be inspired by the flavorful dishes.

Treat Your Self!

The importance of experiencing a health/wellness trip is essential for your mind, body, and soul. Whether it’s a local staycation or a getaway to Costa Rica, take time and spoil yourself because you deserve it!

The price point is very affordable and there are food, yoga, and spa packages that can be added on. I would recommend the full food package since the retreat itself is somewhat isolated. The Casita pricing is comparable to the 2 person, 1 bedroom room but I enjoyed the private "house", balcony, and views.

Overall, The Retreat Costa Rica is worth every dollar during your trip to Costa Rica. Spoil yourself (with reasonable prices) for a few days and enjoy this health/wellness getaway!

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