Hi! I'm Rosie, 
an avid traveler who is always searching for palm trees, good vibes, and the best travel experiences!
Medellin Hotel
My Favorite Place?

Sicily, Italy ♥ No place will have as much of my heart as Sicily but Spain comes pretty close!

Best Part About Traveling?

Meeting new people and building relationships. Hands down the most satisfying part about jetsetting around the world.

My Travel Advice?

Just get up and go. Go everywhere and anywhere. Fill your heart, mind, and soul with you experiences, relationships, and memories.


When did you realize you loved to travel?

My passion for travel started at a young age when I met my extended family living in Sicily. Since then I have been traveling to the beautiful island every year and it fueled my desire to see the rest of the world.

This “part time” hobby has grown into my biggest passion. (Although can you really every call a passion for travel “part time” ?)  Let’s be real, I have the worst (aka best) case of wanderlust on the brain there is!


Climbing volcanoes in Europe, hiking mountains in the US, to cliff diving in every country I can…I am adventurous, passionate, and above all, happiest when I am on the road. 

Full time worker and traveler?! 

When I’m not traveling, the rest of my time is spent in the office working on international projects in the automotive industry. 3 weeks of travel a year + holidays can pass you by quickly! Throughout my travels, I have found some great tips on how to balance travel/work and on worldly adventures that I want to share with you!


Wanderlust can hit you at any time (usually when you’re sitting in your cubicle during your 9-5), so explore this site to find my tips and advice on how to travel smarter and make the most of your time!




I love connecting with new people so get in contact with me via email or Instagram! Tell me your favorite destination spot, travel experience, or just say hi!